Saturday, April 28, 2012

Here we go!

We made it safely to Billings, MT today despite the threat of snow, excessive tire wear, a check engine light, fuel range difficulties, and a strange scraping noise that appeared on the way to Spokane. The scraping noise seems to no longer be an issue but it was only one source of tress that cropped up on the way to Spokane yesterday. The other big one was the CEL that came on after fueling in Ellensburg, the code was pulled with the Droid and it turned out to be a problem with the bank 2 sensor 2 O2 sensor. This was just replaced so maybe the part is bad or the once hacked apart wiring at the ECU needs some attention. Either way it`s not a huge deal, when cleared it goes away for a few hundred miles. Tire wear continues to be a problem though, we noticed the left rear nearly wore down to the cord. Fortunately we caught it in time and moved it up to the front. 30min later we decided it would be best to get a tire flipped right away and pulled into a Les Schwab in Butte. The guys there were quickly and economically got us going again. More discussion to come on tire wear mitigation, we suspect toe change from added weight is the cause.