Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Competitor Comes and Goes

By the end of the morning sessions at High Planes Raceway we were neck and Neck with the VW R32 of Kris and Bob. Our times have been very close throughout the event. The morning times were no exception and they pointed out that we could have a good battle for overall position (since they are not in our class). This lasted for another 2 hours until we got on track for our afternoon sessions. Our goal was to make significant improvements on our morning time by studying the video from the morning session and adjusting accordingly. The session went really well but then Bob in the R32 appeared in the rear view mirror and tracked our car down like it was standing still. Despite being passed this session was really good, the afternoon time was about 9 seconds better. High Plains Raceway is an awesome track with elevation changes and blind corners, similar to ORP but ORP is probably even more exciting.

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