Monday, May 7, 2012

Competing Against Ourselves

One of the disappointing aspects of yesterday at Mid America was that our afternoon time was slower than our morning time. Obviously this doesn't make any sense because by the afternoon you've already seen 5 laps instead of the 0 laps in the morning. The 335i was flying today and will likely to do so, thus, there's not really much of a competition there. The new objective is to go faster in the afternoon and really get the corners down. This was difficult to accomplish today at Hallett. This track is a like a scaled down version of ORP, a bunch of small elevation changes make almost every corner blind. Very difficult to master in only 6 timed laps. There appears to be some issue with the event timing system because it says we didn't start in the afternoon. Unofficially, looking at the video it appears we were 2-4 seconds quicker than the morning.

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