Saturday, May 12, 2012


The trip out to Hastings from High Plains went smoothly but once again we got in pretty late due to the time change. We read on the drive that Hastings was designed by the same person that designed High Plains and were really excited to check it out. Unfortunately, the track was missing many of the elements that made High Plains so cool due to the flatness of the topography. Like many of the tracks this one had a lot of room for the more powerful cars to stretch their legs so we didn't end up to high in the rankings though we were able to improve in the afternoon. There was also an autoX hosted at Hastings and that went pretty well except for the Mustang which somehow managed to collide with a barrier. An interesting development unfolded at Hastings, one of the EVOs broke down in the afternoon, leaving us a shot for second place.

Videos to come.

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